Geofence Alexa Routine w/Envisalink Module

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Geofence Alexa Routine w/Envisalink Module

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I had been using the EV4 module with my Honeywell Vista 20P system in conjunction with some SmartThings virtual switches. It allowed me to arm and disarm my system based on using our phones as presence sensors. It worked moderately well but got glitchy so I opted to enable the EyezOn skill in Alexa. I have set up some simple at home routines to arm and disarm (mostly in Stay mode) but would like to be able to do it in away mode when we leave and return to house - again using our phones as presence sensors.
Can this be done via Alexa as I think I have read info saying Alexa does NOT allow security items to be part of geofence routines.
Is this true and are there any workarounds?

It was a nice thing via ST automations to have this work when we left and arrived back home but it started not working.

It would be more important to have it arm away when we both leave than to disarm when one or both of us return home.
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