Additional Newbie Questions

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Additional Newbie Questions

Post by wifiman »

Really enjoying the EVL4 -- thank you EyezOn! Some additional newbie questions:

1) Within the EyezOn interface (whether web or mobile app), since I have the fire, police and medical buttons labeled (all in the 95-99 range) on my Vista 20P, the status grid now lists a bunch of items that will never be connected on my system. Is there a way to customize which numbered zones appear in the status panes of the app? Assume not, but would be a great option if not too much work.

2) I just connected to the Alexa skill for EyezOn -- cool! I am wondering if there's a way for me to have Alexa use a specific user code to arm the system. It looks like I can create a specific user code in the system for Alexa for disarming, but I need to say that code when saying the utterance.

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Re: Additional Newbie Questions

Post by GrandWizard »

1) No, it will always show the highest zone labelled and all intervening zones. Do you really need to label those buttons? You already know what they are.

2) No, Amazon has a template on how a security system works and they don't allow for arming with a code (crazy, I know). You don't create a specific user code for disarming, you can use any valid code programmed into you panel.
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