New Eyezon App Skin now available (BETA)

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New Eyezon App Skin now available (BETA)

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Part of the major change to the app last year was adding the ability to provide multiple user-interface views (skins). The software team has released the first new skin and you are welcome to try it out and provide feedback.

From your Eyezon portal, go to the Account tab, and select Account Settings. Then go to the Settings tab and scroll down to the bottom. There you will see the option under Mobile App to "Select Skin".

Your only options are to select the same skin as used on the web portal (default) or to select the new skin called "Mobile Layout".

Your app will use the new skin then next time you load it. As well, the new skin has both a Dark (default) and Light mode. That setting is only available on the app by selecting the account icon (little person icon, top left-hand of the screen). There you will see a slider option to switch between light and dark.

As before we'd apprciate your feedback. You can send any bugs or other suggestions directly to us in support at and we will send them on to the appropriate individual.
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Re: New Eyezon App Skin now available (BETA)

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I tried the new skin by setting it in the portal via my laptop. I then logged out of the portal on my iPhone and then logged back in. The page told me "login successful" but then took me right back to the login page. I am now unable to access the alarm controls from my mobile phone. I tried reverting to the old skin but still no luck. I deleted the shortcut from the phone and recreated with no success. Any ideas? Maybe I missed a step along the way, it's been a while since I origionally set this up.
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