Updating my Mobile App (Android) and Push Notifications?

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Updating my Mobile App (Android) and Push Notifications?

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Recently I called AT&T to work the issue of why my texts had not come through since Jan 24th.
We eventually was able to get things to work...and along the way I found out some things about the Mobile App that I hadn't noticed before.

One was that the alerts you receive are selectable on the contact menu. Was it possible that I'd just turned off all the events for texting? Don't know.
Once we got it working with texts, i realized I'd rather use the Push Notifications instead.

I'll be leaving the country for a bit, and more likely to have internet connectivity via WiFi than being on a foreign cell system that might forward texts.
On a cruise last year, the internet gateway on the ship still forwarded pushes to me from Panera and Burger King while the phone was in airplane mode. :lol:

And some questions...
- the AT&T tech did some of the rote things; update your app. I now seem to have two versions of the app on my phone. The icons are different.
One has the 3D button with the On centered, the other flat with the "on" left justified. They seem to function identically. Is one a skin on the other? Which can I remove?

- I now have two contacts in the app that claim to be push notifications for my device. One has the name I gave before the additional install and an address which looks like a mac address NN:NN:... but not a number I recognize, and the other grabbed the model name of the phone and has an a 13 digit number.
Which of these is being used for push notifications? Can I delete one?

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