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UNO IP Chime

Post by DigitalNut »

Hi, I just replaced my PC1832 (started giving trouble) with the UNO IP Hybrid panel. The web based programming is great! Makes it so much easier to get the panel up and running.

The old PC1832 board had an option to chime on specific zones and change the chime sound, is this possible with the UNO panel? For my use case I have a zone that acts like an Interior Zone that the panel can't be armed if this zone is open and once armed it's bypassed (no alarm). When panel disarmed, this zone will chime if opened.

If the UNO IP can't do these, I would like to submit this as a feature! Chime on specific zone (or add another zone definition that chimes). Plus be able to change the chime (let's me know what zone was opened). Also would like the local web view, to show the last few activities as a list. Looking at Zone Status map makes it difficult to see when (or how long) the zone was open/closed.

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Re: UNO IP Chime

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Hello, chime for UNO is global and is controlled on the options page. The actual sound of the keypad chime is programmed in the keypad itself. See your keypad's manual for more information. The default "installers code" for the UNO is 5555. It is only used for keypad programming.

The whole point of the zone grid is so you don't have to look at a long list. The colour of the zone tells you the activity in the premise at a glance. Bright red means recently closed, and it slowly fades to black over time. It is one of the most useful features.
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