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The Eyezon forum is offered as a supplement to tech support, but also as a forum for the Eyezon community to discuss issues and developments. We're very accommodating with respect to the content allowed on the forum, but there are some rules.

- The forum is for Eyezon customers only, they being DIY security enthusiasts. It is made available to discuss issues related to the Envisalerts service, the Eyezon portal, and related services. This is NOT a forum for Connect2Go customers, professional security dealers, or central stations. Any postings of this nature will be deleted by the moderators.

- READ THE FAQ before posting. 90% of questions are covered there.

- READ THE MANUAL. The Envisalink Primer is your online manual for using the module and the Eyezon portal. Make sure you have read it before posting.

- The Envisalink offers an open API (TPI) that is not related to Eyezon so please don't post any support questions related to third-party applications on the forum. The developers of these applications maintain their own support channels and you should use them. We do allow announcements related to new third-party applications.

- Any posting that denigrates another user will be deleted immediately and the user warned. Subsequent transgressions will result in the user being banned.

- Think before you post an answer to a community question. People rely on other users so only people who have a proper and correct response should answer.

- Play nice