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GPSOS - General

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GPSOS turns your iPhone into an emergency locator in conjunction with your Eyez-On account. Just press the SOS button and your Eyez-On contact list will be sent an emergency notification by eMail or SMS with a custom message and your location if available. GPSOS can also be used as a safety tracker to track the location of a loved-one in real-time through the Eyez-On portal. All the Eyez-On features are available including unlimited contacts and unlimited "geofences" that can alert you when their GPSOS equipped iPhone goes into an area deemed unsafe by you.

-SOS button
-Customizable SOS message
-2 "Real-time" tracking modes
-Configurable reporting interval when App is in foreground
-Reporting can be turned on or off
-All the benefits of an Eyez-On Account
-Unlimited contact list
-Send eMail or SMS alerts
-Unlimited locations for "Safe" and "Unsafe" zones
-Multiple iPhones can be viewed on one account
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