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ATTENTION: Changes to Time Zone Programming

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:04 am
by GrandWizard
In conjunction with our partners we have started the long-awaited transition to IANA standardized timezones from the current static offsets. This change will solve all of the problems we have had with DST transistions in recent years as the number of Envisalinks worldwide has exploded. This change will also address customers with more than one Envisalinks in different time zones as you can now program timezones by Envisalink, not just by account.

The transition will take place in two phases:
- Phase one will involve Envisacor migrating to IANA timezones on the alerting servers, and then assigning each Envisalink an IANA timezone.

- Phase two will involve Eyezon changing the portal accounts to IANA timezones and adding the ability to program each Envisalink with its own timezone.

Due to much ambiguity between the old timezone names and the IANA timezone names, there certainly will be some customers who do not get moved to the correct IANA timezone. Once the migration is complete there will be a notice on this thread asking you to check your new timezone and make sure it is correct. Also noting that you need to select a timezone for each of your Envisalinks separately, if you have more than one.

We appreciate your cooperation as we improve the service for all.

Re: ATTENTION: Changes to Time Zone Programming

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:17 pm
by GrandWizard
The Time Zone changes are complete. Please refer to this PDF on how to make sure your portal and device timezones are properly set.