EyezOn Envisalink Distributors

Information and support for EnvisaLink modules.

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EyezOn Envisalink Distributors

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EyezOn warranty service and technical support is limted to EyezOn customers only. This means you must buy an EyezOn version of the Envisalink from us directly or one of our authrorized online distributors. We cannot offer support nor RMA numbers to owners of Connect2Go, ADT.SA, or any other private label version of Envisalink.

In addition to buying directly from our store, below is a list of Amazon and Online retailers that are authorized to sell our product, the Envisalink 4 (EVL-4EZR). All these merchants handle 30 day returns directly.

A&E Home Security
Aartech Canada
Alarm System Store
Creative Surroundings
Jules Treasures
Keystone West LLC
MB Merchandising
Quantum Network
Sterling Security
Tasman Trading
TLK Premium
Top Brand Bedroom
Typhoon Sales