Missing zones in EVL4 DSC

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Missing zones in EVL4 DSC

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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help me out. Last year I moved into a house pre-installed with a DSC PC-1832 system that included a DSC 433 wireless module, two 5501 keypads and a 5108 expansion board installed. Through trial and error I have managed to map out nearly all of the zones in my house, and recently purchased and installed an Envisalink 4 module, which I have connected to the Eyezon portal. Unfortunately there are issues that I can't seem to get past and I've not found answers here in the forums or elsewhere. I'm going to dump all of the info I've gathered, and see if anything obvious sticks out to the experts/veterans :lol:

The good news is that I can successfully see 16 zones when I login to the EVL4's web interface, as well as the Eyezone portal, and when I trigger those zones, both interfaces indicate it.

The bad news is that I'm missing the zones from the 5108 expander in the EVL4 and Eyezon. The 2nd keypad is attached to that expander, and it seems to work fine, and I have a fault triggered on my keypads for zone 21, which would indicate I have communication with that board from the 1832. As far as I can tell, the first 8 zones are the ones hardwired into the 1832, and then 9-16 are wireless zones that come in through the 433 module. 17-24 should be the 5108 that feeds my external garage (where the second keypad resides).

I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the EVL4 physically, as well as rebooted it via the web interface. I did have to try reconnecting the wiring to the 1832 a couple of times to get the Envisalink to see more than 8 zones initially, but I feel relatively certain that should be good now. The fact that the remote keypad is working, and it's hanging off the 5108 also leads me to believe this.

As a bonus topic, though I know this is technically DSC specific, I have had to play a lot of guessing games with how my panel is programmed. None of the documentation or topics online have given me any indication that I can "dump" the current config from my panel. It would greatly help me know what's going on if I could just see a list of all of the programmed zones on my keypad (or even through the EVL4) so that I could know where else to start troubleshooting.

Another DSC specific issue that I don't understand are zones that don't seem to trigger on the current system. For example, all of my downstairs windows are hard-wired with magnetic sensors that I verified go "open" whenever a window is open (I tested them with a multimeter.) The keypads never show a zone issue when I open them, however. I suppose it's possible they were programmed to be ignored, but I'd like to be able to see that by dumping the current config somehow.

And one more side note...I have a garage door on the house, and two in the detached garage. They appear to have sensors attached to them (the one in the house looks like a wireless unit of some sort) with wires that feed into the garage door opener (I didn't look closely so I'll have to verify). Can the DSC unit support opening/closing garage doors as well we detecting when they are open? If so, this doesn't appear to work for me, but I don't know how to verify that either.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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Re: Missing zones in EVL4 DSC

Post by sg1973 »

Have you resolved this issue? If not I may be of some help as I have dealt with this recently and came up with a resolution. Let me know.
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