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Additional Newbie Questions

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2022 3:43 pm
by wifiman
Really enjoying the EVL4 -- thank you EyezOn! Some additional newbie questions:

1) Within the EyezOn interface (whether web or mobile app), since I have the fire, police and medical buttons labeled (all in the 95-99 range) on my Vista 20P, the status grid now lists a bunch of items that will never be connected on my system. Is there a way to customize which numbered zones appear in the status panes of the app? Assume not, but would be a great option if not too much work.

2) I just connected to the Alexa skill for EyezOn -- cool! I am wondering if there's a way for me to have Alexa use a specific user code to arm the system. It looks like I can create a specific user code in the system for Alexa for disarming, but I need to say that code when saying the utterance.


Re: Additional Newbie Questions

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2022 9:04 am
by GrandWizard
1) No, it will always show the highest zone labelled and all intervening zones. Do you really need to label those buttons? You already know what they are.

2) No, Amazon has a template on how a security system works and they don't allow for arming with a code (crazy, I know). You don't create a specific user code for disarming, you can use any valid code programmed into you panel.