Direct SMS now available to Envisalerts+ customers!

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Direct SMS now available to Envisalerts+ customers!

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You asked for it, and here it is. We now offer a direct SMS alert option for all of our Envisalerts+ customers.

Instead of using the email-to-SMS gateway, these alerts are directly injected into the carriers' network and cannot be throttled with like email-to-SMS messages. They are also lightning fast!

To use the new service, just go to your contacts and create a "Direct SMS" contact. Once created, use it as a share on your device and select which alerts you would like to receive.

Unlike email-to-SMS messaging, which is free for everyone, direct SMS has a cost per message to Eyezon so there is a cap of 100 messages per calendar month. Based on this, it is recommended you only use this service for high priority events like alarms and maybe opening/closing reports.

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