Envisalink4 not working with PiHole

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Envisalink4 not working with PiHole

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Hi there,

I'm not sure if anyone here can help me or not, but I seem to have stumped the PiHole crowd over on Reddit, so I'll give it a go here, because I am out of ideas.

If you don't know, a PiHole is a network wide ad blocker that works very well. I have had it running for years without issue. I have an Envisalink4 module connected to my Vista 20p alarm panel since July 2021, and it has worked flawlessly since then as well. Now, a several months ago, I replaced my router with a Google Mesh system, it works great. But I noticed it was only sending itself as a query to PiHole for ad blocking instead of the IP etc. of the actual client. To solve this, I had to make the PiHole the DHCP server and disable DHCP in the Google router. It was a bit tricky, but once I got it, everything on the network is functioning, that is except for the EnvisaLink4 module. It wouldn't come online, and isn't being given an IP address via the PiHole. I have to plug it striaght into the back of the cable modem, then it gets a WAN IP address and pops online and works as normal. It's been that way for sometime now. BUT, I now have the opportunity to connect it to my home automation software, but it needs a local IP address to see the module. So I've been back at it for the past couple days trying to get it to work, but I just can't and I'm out of ideas as to why.

Does anyone here have any thoughts as to what is going on, or what I can try.

Specs in case you need them:

Ademco Vista 20p alarm panel
EnvisaLink4 module
PiHole running on a Raspberry Pi (as both DHCP & DNS server)
Google Mesh Wireless/Wired router
Cable box strickly supplies Internet, no routing of any kind

Thank you for your time,
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