UNO IP Panel - Keypad options

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UNO IP Panel - Keypad options

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Wondering about using Keypads with the UNO IP security panel.
First of all, are they actually needed?
I believe the UNO can be controlled via smart phone app, web interface and other software integrations, so is the point of having a keyboard only for situations where none of those other options are working?
Programming for this panel is not needed to be done from a keypad, correct?

Having said that, to answer my own question, I do see the value of having a dedicated keypad attached to the system, even if only for troubleshooting.
Are *all* DSC keypads compatible with the UNO?
Are any models more recommended over others and for what reasons?

Honestly, I haven't seen a DSC keypad that I'm overly thrilled about, aesthetics wise. My current non-DSC alarm panel that I'll be replacing has two flush mount keypads at my two main house entry points (front door and garage entry point). So ideally I'll be looking to put something in those spots which already have wiring run to them. Is there a DSC flush-mount keypad?

Should I just abandon using a keypad at the entry doors and replace them with Android tablets perhaps? In this case, should I consider putting a DSC keypad at the UNO panel location instead, if that's needed?

I would like some feedback from EyezOn and UNO users on their experience with these things. Thanks!
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